Islamabad   -  Three days of intensive talks on Afghanistan peace and reconciliation with different platforms concluded in Qatari capital Doha which called on the Taliban and the Kabul government to build trust, accelerate efforts to reach a political settlement and immediate ceasefire by both sides.

A joint statement which was issued after the conclusion of troika plus meeting, says, envoys of regional countries on Afghanistan, as well as envoys of US, Turkey, India, Germany, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan,UN, EU met in Doha to assess the status of intra afghan dialogue, exchanged views with two negotiating team on the current challenges and opportunities and reflect on the contributions the international community could make to the success of the peace process.

“The participants called for a stop to the violence and attacks against provincial capitals and other cities in Afghanistan”, the joint statement said.

“The participants took a note of converging statements of the both sides on the following guiding principles for political settlement including inclusive governance, respect for human rights, rights of women and minorities, a mechanism to deliver a representative government, a commitment not to allow any individual or group to use soil of Afghanistan to threaten the security of other countries and respect for international Law and humanitarian law”, the joint statement said.

The joint communique said participants called upon all sides to act in accordance with these principles and build on them to the future political settlement.

“The participants of the meetings raised serious concern about reports of violence across Afghanistan while large number of civilian casualties, and extra judicial killings, wide spread and credible human rights violations, all attacks against provincial capitals and cities, destruction of infrastructure that perpetuate  conflict make reconciliation efforts more difficult”, the joint communique said. 

The joint communique said that the participants reaffirmed that they would not recognise any government in Kabul which is imposed through use of military force.

The statement says participants of the meeting committed to assist in the reconstruction of Afghanistan once a viable political settlement is reached following good faith negotiations between the two sides.

According to diplomatic sources, the Pakistani special representative for Afghanistan returned to Islamabad from Doha and briefed the Foreign Minister about troika plus and other meetings.

Sources said Pakistan is watching rapid developments in Afghanistan and directed its Embassy in Kabul to immediately stop receiving visa applicants in person, however, online visa applications would continue to be accepted in Kabul Embassy.