Almost every country of the world is exporting and importing things so as Pakistan does Pakistani exports are almost equal to $ 20 million, this figure has increased in past five years, Pakistani products are considered best in some categories like sports, surgical instruments leather and sports. Pakistani products which were considered to be the best are now loosing their worth in the mind of customers because of loosing quality that is because of using old machinery for manufacturing those products, the world is moving so fast with technology and improvements there is a lot of work is done in research and development and quality control, but here situation is totally opposite, we have the quality control department but that is by name only, even all the exporting industries are still using old machinery that is why we are unable to meet our local demands, other than that other things which are affecting our industry are increasing labour cost, shortage of skilled labour lake of knowledge workers in R&D and most of all different crises running throughout Pakistan. You can estimate these things from the following facts and figures. Agriculture: At the time of independence 52% of our country's total GDP was shared by the agriculture. And today only 20% of the total GDP is shared by this sector; we can not say that it has now grown in sixty one years but the growth rate declines at the rate of 2.5% that is why we have now become unable to meet even the food demand of our arable land, we one thing I want to remind the readers that our country is an agro-economy means most of our economical resources come from agriculture. Medicine: In medicine, Pakistan is spending less than 1.8% of its total GDP on life saving drugs as compared to 6.2% to 11% in other developing countries like India that is why most of the medicines in Pakistan are on average 30% to 75% lower than that of Indian product, the other issue with that is all the prices are settled by the government of Pakistan because of that pharmacies are loosing their qualities, that is why our medicine are sold in low price in UAE and S Arabia. Cotton and Textile: Cotton and textile are considered to be the most important export of Pakistan and it is also important source of earning foreign exchange as well there was a time when Pakistan was considered as one of the biggest countries in BT cotton but it is surprising when we see the current world cotton exporting figures, India has taken over USA in BT cotton exports and become worlds largest cotton exporter after china, situation is different on Pakistan side, we are now importing cotton rather exporting to fulfil our local demand. Tourism: Now let take tourism, Pakistan is rich with historical places from northern areas down to the coastal areas of Karachi in Sindh, but sorry to say that there is no work done in this sector to promote tourism in Pakistan but if you see on the other side of the border they have done lot of research in this sector and develop there treasure to increase tourism that is why tourism department contributes up to 7% to 10% of their GDP. This is the condition with all exporting goods of Pakistan, like FIFA was our big football buyer but in world cup 2006 they gave order to china to manufacture footballs for them, if this condition for a bit long time, the is not for when we will be having nothing to export. We have the solutions but we do not want to work on those but situation is getting very worst now we are still not behind, we have a time to work on these thing no body come from outside to work for us, he will come to make it more worst if he comes that are only we, who can change the condition like IRAN, ARGENTINA and other countries alike, so wake up and do not make low quality goods for a little amount of extra money. " The writer is a student of SZABIST Islamabad and currently doing MBA.