ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari reiterated Pakistan's strong resolve for regional and international peace but at the same time made it loud and clear that the desire for peace should not be taken as their weakness. President Asif Ali Zardari who is also holding the office of Co-Chairman of the party was talking to the Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians here at Aiwan-i-Sadr on Saturday night. Addressing a poorly attended meeting in which around 75 MNAs and around 35 federal cabinet members were present President Asif Ali Zardari shared views with PPP MPs on the prevailing tension with neighbouring India in the aftermath of Mumbai terrorist attacks and also took the input of the MPs on the subject. Besides the Indo-Pak relations the party affairs also came under discussion with MPs coming up boldly criticizing the government for ignoring party workers and activists. The sources privy to the discussions disclosed to The Nation that though most of the MPs appreciated the role being played by the country to defuse tension with India yet some of them wanted the government to pay India back in the same coin and also highlight the involvement of Indian spies in creating unrest in parts of Pakistan including Balochistan and Sindh. President Zardari, the sources said, expressed satisfaction with the handling of the post Mumbai attacks situation and said that the world community had acclaimed the responsible role being played by Pakistan after the condemnable terrorist attacks in Mumbai. President Zardari said that India had not shared any information regarding the Mumbai attacks with Pakistan and in case of intelligence sharing Pakistan would fully cooperate with India in tracking down the terrorists. President Zardari said that they would not hand over any person to India and if found involved the culprit would be tried under the law of the land. He further said that Pakistan wanted cordial relations with India but at the same time made it clear that the desire of peace in the region should not be taken as their weakness as the country was fully capable of defending its frontiers. The President further said that political and military leadership of the country were on same wavelength over the issue and both were working in complete unison for safeguarding the national interests. He also referred to the government's initiative of taking all the political forces on board on this very sensitive issue and said that in future too they would take all the political forces into confidence on issues of vital national importance. The sources revealed to The Nation that at the outset of the meeting President Zardari had expressed his displeasure over the poor attendance of the meeting and directed Federal Minister for Labour Syed Khurshid Shah to report him in this connection. The sources said that a couple of MPs on the occasion rose to their seats and told President Zardari that the MPs were not happy with the way the affairs of the government were being run and in protest they had not turned up in the meeting. Some of the MPs were critical of the growing corruption in the system and were of the view that in the long run the PPP would have to pay its price as some elements were misusing the names of senior party leaders for their nefarious designs. Some MPs raised the issue of Chief Justice of Pakistan's daughter's marks case and suggested that the matter should be resolved immediately as it was taxing the party and earning bad name for it, but President Zardari refused to buy this idea terming it 'a non-issue'. He also refused to accept the notion of some MPs from NWFP that the renaming of NWFP to Pakhtoonkhawa would damage the party's image and said that the NWFP Assembly had passed a unanimous resolution in this regard and it was the demand of the people of the province. Some of the MPs were critical of the way PPP was dealing with the party affairs in the province and suggested to President Zardari, who is also party Co-Chairman, to take corrective measures for strengthening of the party in the province. Monitoring Desk adds: President Zardari has said that Pakistan's politics is now completely free of ISI role. In an interview to a foreign magazine on Saturday, the President said the reports of non-state actors coming into play might have some substance. He said Lashkar-e-Tayyaba had been banned and there was no substance whatsoever in reports of cooperation between this banned outfit and the country's intelligence agencies. Zardari said India had provided very little evidence regarding the terrorists. We take prompt action against the militants when we have concrete evidence against them, he said. He said there is no solid evidence regarding provision of any training to the militants in Pakistan who were involved in Mumbai attacks.