ISLAMABAD - Farah Hameed Dogar, the daughter of Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, finally broke her silence on Saturday by calling her critics "hell-bent" to question the integrity of her father for their ulterior motives. In a statement issued by Ms Dogar to media in response to a charge sheet levelled against her by a section of media for allegedly getting 21 additional marks in FSc examination through rechecking, she has vowed to fully contest her case before High Court or any other forum. Coming down hard on role of media, Farah has regretted that she had been constantly targeted by a section of the print and electronic media for the past several days. "It seems that the media is hell-bent to question the integrity of my dear father who happens to be the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Unlike my influential critics, I must exercise my right to state the truth in black and white," she stated. Farah has proudly stated in her statement that there was no gray area in her educational career and her blotless performance in school and college days was verifiable. "As regards the accusation of special favour in my latest FSc examination, I would like to clarify that I was just one of the 1093 applicants who applied for re-checking of their answer books after the FBISE declared the results for 2008. Moreover, I was among those 201 students for whom the board issued revised marks sheets in accordance with its rules and practice," daughter of the top judge of the country further said. Farah has also shared that she had applied for admission in three private medical colleges and duly appeared in the entry tests. Not a single of the three institutions is in the public sector and their doors are open for self-finance studies, she added. "I got admission in the International Islamic Medical College wherein 50 seats are filled on merit and another 50 are reserved for children of overseas Pakistanis. The college has allocated five seats for Pakistan Railways and one for Al-Mizan Foundation, a welfare body for the retired and serving judges. The seat in question is rotated among the four provinces and this year it was reserved for Sindh from where I happened to be the only candidate," Farah further clarified. She further pointed out that no other competing student from anywhere in Pakistan was deprived of her admission in the said college and the revision of her marks sheet did not breach anyone's right to higher education. "The pursuit of education is my fundamental right. Is it a crime to seek education or employment as a child of a judge or Chief Justice?" she argued, adding that the ugly campaign in a section of the press had caused her a great mental agony and pain to the extent that she might not be able to continue her studies. In fact, my future has been put at stake, Farah regretted. Farah Hameed Dogar said since her marks sheet had been challenged in the Islamabad High Court and the matter was pending adjudication before the court, she will fully contest the same before the High Court or any other forum. "I also reserve my right to sue for damages besides filing criminal cases against the persons concernd. The campaign against the dignity of my father and family has some ulterior motives than emphasizing educational justice. The Constitution has extended state protection to the daughter of the Chief Justice of Pakistan until she attains the age of 21 years but my ruthless critics are unwilling to accept my rights like any other citizen," she also commented. "If a thousand students were entitled to apply for rechecking, why should the child of a Judge be denied the fair chance? I am not as resourceful to pull the strings in the media yet my faith in Allah reassures me that the truth shall ultimately prevail. I shall defend all my legitimate acts as a student and secure my due without any trespass," Farah Hameed Dogar promised in her reply. News reports have blamed her father Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar for using his undue influence for jacking up the numbers of Farah Hameed Dogar from 640 to 661 in her annual FSc examination for getting her admitted in a medical college. It is the first time that Farah Hameed Dogar has come out fighting the allegations levelled against her father.