ISLAMABAD - Inflation for the lowest income group swelled by 26.80 per cent during the week ended on December 11 as compared to the same period of the last fiscal year showing no sigh of relief for the poorest. The official statistics released here on Saturday depicted that the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the income group of Rs 3000 per month remained at 26.88 per cent during the last week. Similarly, the combined SPI (average inflation for all income groups) remained at 26.88 per cent during the period under review. The inflationary trends particularly in the food items are becoming a source of tension for the middle strata. The SPI on week-to-week basis saw a decline of 0.32 per cent for the lowest income group. Similarly, the combine SPI on week-to-week basis reduced by 0.03pc. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5000/month), the SPI on year-to-year basis soared by 27.51pc. The income group consisting people having earning up to Rs 12000 per month witnessed an increase of 28.24pc in inflation. While the highest income group, of above than Rs 12000, saw a growth of 26.18 per cent in SPI based inflation in a week time. The Federal Bureau of Statistics carries out a survey in 17 urban centres every week to determine the trend in the prices of 53 essential items. This time the rates of 15 essential commodities swelled, 8 items' decreased, and 30 products prices remained same as of the previous week The major kitchen items that saw an increase in the cost included, onion, bananas, chicken, hen, potatoes, tea packet and Gur. On weekly basis, the major increase of 8.22 per cent recorded in the prices of onions. Moreover, the rates of Bananas augmented by 7.72 per cent, chicken 3.30 per cent, egg hen 1.32 per cent, potatoes 0.91 per cent, tea packet 0.55 per cent, Gur 0.47 per cent. Whereby, the cement prices did not show any change in the last week but an increase by 49.77 per cent over the corresponding week of the last year. On the other hand, on week-to-week basis the items that prices reduced included vegetable ghee (loose) 7.19 per cent, tomatoes 6.57 per cent, LPG (11 kg cylinder) 4.42 per cent, mustard oil 0.67 per cent, rice Irri-6 0.40 per cent, cooking oil (Tin) 0.23 per cent, kerosene 0.19pc. Prices of more than half of the commodities remain unchanged in the week ended on Thursday as the cost of commodities like Rice basmati, different types of pulses, beef, mutton, petrol, and diesel did not show any change over last week.