The government of Pakistan is handling the issue of Mumbai attacks with maturity and expertise and that has been lauded by US senator John McCain also during his visit to Pakistan. National security and sovereignty are two equally important issues for the leadership and the people of Pakistan. Our rulers give a lot of respect to the institution of ISI. Therefore, they did not agree to send the DG-ISI to India. One thing needs to be kept in mind; whatever is said in politics may not actually mean what it is taken to mean. Diplomacy and handling of foreign policy is a complex business that requires indepth knowledge of this subject. One should not attribute meanings that are unintended to the statements of President Zardari or PM Yousaf Raza Gilani. Neither President nor Prime Minister has ever compromised over the defense of Pakistan. The drone attacks in the territory of Pakistan by US have been unreservedly condemned by the government of Pakistan and it is taking strong measures to stop them. -HAMZA NASIR, Lahore, December 13.