Karachi - The national flag carrier PIA would come out prevailing financial crisis from March 2009 by adopting some strict measures and introducing new policies, curtailing financial expenditures and using again 7 grounded B- 747, well placed sources in the PIA hierarchy divulge The Nation on Saturday. The sources in the PIA management confirmed that by introducing some new steps the Red Line barrier (a term used in PIA for financial crisis) would be ended and in March 2009, the national flag carrier would bring out financial crisis. The sources in the Marketing department, planning scheduling, engineering and management side revealed that PIA MD captain Aijaz Haroon took various important decisions, soon taking the charge as MD to save the PIA from further financial losses at the time of important Haj operation and the results of these necessary measures start appearing. They said that the first positive result was that PIA did not take the planes on lease from international private companies during Haj operation, which saved the huge national exchequer. Sources mentioned that it is for the first time in many years that all Haj operation is being operated by the airplanes owned by PIA, and did not take any plane on lease to other international private companies. It may be noted that earlier, PIA took planes on lease to Turkish companies or others due to the shortage of planes and to fulfil the requirement of the passengers created domestic, regional and international flights due to the pressure during the Haj operation. They were of view that seven airplanes of B-747 which had been grounded last year by previous management despite the refurbishing of these planes but due to unknown reasons these planes were grounded. PIA M.D, captain Aijaz Haroon decided to introduced these planes in Haj operation with new 777 planes. This year Airbus A -310 has not been operated during Haj operation. The new management decided that at least three airplanes of B-747, would be used for Haj operation because they can accommodate maximum passengers and two planes gave on wet lease to private companies. While two planes would be put up in backup, sources added. The sources said that due to the decision there was no need to get the airplanes from private companies on lease. It may be noted that the grounded seven B-747 had been grounded last year by previous management despite refurbishing these planes with costing heavy financial expenditures. This year, routs of domestic, regional and international flights were design keeping in view according to the requirement and need of the passengers and new airplanes of 777 operated from Peshawar and Quetta airports routs during Haj operation due to which maximum passengers accommodated directly. Sources mentioned that PIA management had inked the agreement with petroleum companies 120 $ per Barrel when petroleum prices were skyrocketing. They agreement would be finished in January 2009, and PIA would took the benefits of recent decline in the prices of petroleum. The step was taken at that time in the light of sharp increase of the petroleum prices, while Haj operation has been started and critical situation could be created if the hedging agreement did not do with the petroleum companies. The sources also confirmed that from January 2009, the regional routs comprising Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain, Doha, Dammam, Muscat, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai to Karachi, would be confirmed, however the same routs were also operational during Eidul Azha holidays. Meanwhile, PIA's first post Hajj flight for Karachi carrying 464 Hajjis on board flight PK 4504 landed at Karachi airport (Hajj terminal) in the early hours of Saturday, PIA spokesman said. He said that the delay of the flight was caused due to congestion at Jeddah Airport. The Passenger Baggage Scanning Machine remained out of order because of which the security clearance was taking time besides the roads leading to the airport remained blocked during the day making it difficult for the passengers to arrive at the airport on time. Managing Director PIA, Captain Mohammad Aijaz Haroon along with other senior officials of the airline welcomed & received the Hajjis and presented rose garlands on arrival at the airport. The spokesman further said that the PIA's post-Hajj operation would bring back a total of over 125,832 Hajjis through 306 Hajj flights from the holy land. Approximately 36,061 Hajjis would be flown back to Karachi by 81 Hajj flights, 27,263 hajjis by 60 flights to Islamabad, 32,505 to Lahore by 72 flights, 20,133 to Peshawar by 62 flights and 9,870 Hajjis to Quetta by 31 flights respectively. This year, the airline's entire Hajj operation is being completed with the airline's own fleet without leasing any aircraft, a routine high cost incurring practice (leasing aircraft for Hajj) of the past. PIA has made special arrangements for distribution of Abe Zam Zam to Hajjis on their arrival at destinations in Pakistan. PIA's entire Post - Hajj operation will conclude on 11 January 2009.