For the past several months, Dubai and London are the favourite haunts of some of our political leaders. Their visits to these cities is often made out to be for the purpose of a medical check-up or a family visit. But these are not the real inducements that beckon them to these golden shores. What, in fact, motivates them most is the urgency to monitor their fabulous wealth stashed up in these places. They realise, and wisely so, that if they indulged in this exercise from home, they will be exposed to grave risks. Lately, former president Pervaiz Musharraf was also in London reportedly to satisfy 'a passion for golf and avail the opportunity meet old friends.' Launching a Think-Tank was also on his agenda. This sounds rather preposterous because there are a number of very nice golf courses in Pakistan also and there is no dearth of his friends here either. In his hey days, he had showered favours on many a crony. So, are his reasons for visiting London the same as those of some of our politicians, and why not? Dubai and London are both safe for stashing up wealth. -FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, December 11.