ISLAMABAD - Owing to unprecedented price hikes and unbridled inflation, people are thronging Landa Bazars to save money. The ongoing economic crisis that has marred economic activities across Pakistan and has thus affected the purchasing power of common man has led the masses to resort to cheaper outlets when it comes to shopping. Be it seasonal, occasional or any cultural festival, the trend of visiting lunda bazars for shopping on Eids, winters and marriage ceremonies is increasing. Lunda bazars are evidently mushrooming in the posh sectors of twin cities besides dense localities. From roadside stalls to smaller shops, such bazars can be seen seemingly occupied with people in Aabpara, Karachi Company, Peshawar Morr, G and I sectors, Commercial Market, Faizabad, Pirwidhai, and several other peripheral localities of the twin cities. Roadside stalls are can be seen even in the posh areas of twin ctities, including Jinnah Super Market, Super Market, F-10 Markaz, Westridge and Sheme III. Different people from different spheres of the society irrespective of their financial position, class or social status are the frequent visitors of such stalls. Fayaz, a visitor said that he prefers to buy clothes and other shopping accessories like shoes sandals, sweaters and jackets from makeshift stalls since they offer cheaper rates and good quality items. "For people like us who come from lower middle class, lunda bazars are the best available options," he observed adding the shopping items purchased from roadside stalls are suitable enough for the season. "The sweaters that we buy from here are very cheaper and they last for the entire winter or even for a year or more," he mentioned. Anwar Kamal, a plumber said that often, the garments that are sold at such stalls are durable and long lasting. "As compared to expensive shops in lavish plazas, the clothes and shoes being sold at such stalls, though cheap, are durable and long lasting," he opined. Naveed, a sugar dealer and trader mentioned that he had been a regular visitor to lunda bazars since long. "I was sort of class conscious and would usually avoid to visit such stalls. Once my wife bought a few sweaters from a roadside stalls at very nominal rates, which she used for years. We are regular visitors of these bazaars since then. Naveed deplored the people from privileged class who prefer to visit expensive shopping malls and spend lavish money on shopping. "The accessories of same quality are available at these stalls or even better. Unfortunately, some quarters in our middle class are suffering from inferiority complex and are reluctant to come to roadside stalls," he stated. A tentative survey of different markets bearing makeshift stalls revealed that the prices of sweaters range between Rs 200 to Rs 500, while sandals and shoes are also available on almost same price structures. A suitable jacket is available at around Rs 300 to Rs 600 compared to Rs 2000 and onwards in famous shopping malls for the same item. "I bought a sandal at Rs 250. Even if it doesn't work, there are no regrets," said a customer. Shopkeepers at these stalls told TheNation that the clothes and other items that they sell are imported which they bring from border areas. Most of these items are Russian, Chinese, Iranian and Central Asian, told a shopkeeper. They are sturdy and durable due to their import quality nature. Most of the shopkeepers are unaware of the exact worth of these items and sell them at very nominal rates, he added.