KARACHI - The business community of Karachi has warned that they would not pay the KESC inflated bills until they do not rectified by the KESC. They warned which in a meeting of the Office Bearers and Members of Managing Committee at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry which discussed the recent increase in power/electric tariff and issuance of incorrect bills by KESC. The KCCI demanded that the inflated bill must be rectified while a cell at Karachi Chamber also should be established by KESC with powers to rectify the inflated bills. The KCCI reminds that on the request of business community, the KESC had sent an engineer to discuss the matter of inflate bill but he did not has any power to correct the bills rather he was requesting the members and consumers to pay the in-correct bills. The KCCI office bearers further recalled that the KESC officials were claimed that the inflated bill are correct and insisting them for payment of inflated bills while they would receive corrected & adjusted bills in the next month which was not acceptable to the business community of the city. KCCI said that many of the bills are loaded with 40 percent arrears whereas the arrears should have been as per the amended increase which is much lower than 40 percent. The KESC was not abiding its own declared policy of charging 50 percent as arrears of the new enhanced tariff and billing indifferently such as 40 percent charged and 50 percent arrears charged, they maintained. KESC has also not restored the previously available slab system resulting to inflated bills for small consumers, KCCI said, adding that the late payment surcharge on deferred 40 percent has also been charged whereas the deferment was in agreement with the ministry. KCCI in its appeal to Ministry of Water & Power has urged for immediate action to control the situation and warned that Karachi Chamber would have no option other than to not pay the KESC inflated bills until they do not rectified.