This is with reference to the wave of terrorism unleashed by the murdering beasts called Taliban. If we closely analyse the public role of Nawaz Sharif on the issue, he has a lot to do with the current confusion of the people on something as straightforward as the war on terror. During the last 8-9 years, he has continuously opposed the war due to his personal differences with the previous government. Due to his unrealistic stance, the people of Pakistan in general and masses of Punjab in particular are confused. When we see newspapers of the last 8 years, Nawaz Sharif clearly and openly opposed the war on terror. Even when the last high-profile meeting on South Waziristan operation was being held to approve it, he deliberately missed the meeting. These actions and gestures were enough to confuse the nation. The main reason terrorism is going on unchecked is that there are a lot of Taliban sympathizers among our masses. Terrorism would not end until the entire nation is united against it. Nawaz Sharif has used his position as a national leader to avert that from happening in the last 8-9 years and has done so purely out of personal enmity with the previous ruler of the country. -AMIN SHEERAZI, Abbotabbad, December 8.