I am sometimes surprised at the attitude of our media. The hacks we have are famous for creating issues out of nothing but may not even touch some major happenings. Media is responsible for the lawyers' movement but I am amazed that why our media has not yet started a campaign against terrorism. There is no bigger issue than terrorism at present. They have created many a storms in the teacup but are very slow off the mark in the campaign against Taliban. Taliban are tearing us apart from inside. So many of our countrymen, brothers, sisters and children have lost their lives in their inhuman and barbaric attacks. Why is the media not starting an awareness campaign to make the people aware of the dangers of these terrorists, highlight the root causes of this phenomenon and underscore the need to make security arrangements at the local level to keep vigilance against suspicious people and objects? The media needs to start a campaign, just like lawyers' movement, to overcome the menace of Taliban. -FAISAL KHATTAB, Saudi Arabia, December 9.