Senior Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour said on December 6 in a talk show that if Nawaz Sharif could apprise him of any damaging aspect of naming the NWFP as Pakhtunkhwah, he would not insist on this name. Also, it was in the news the other day that the ANP has started campaigning to take other political parties on board over this issue. The efforts of the ANP have so far failed, though, as they have had no success in changing the name of their province into Pakhtunkhwah or Afghania. For the kind information of both these leaders, the government of Afghanistan had already laid claim on this province of British India (NWFP) in June 1947. Mr Jinnah had protested then against a statement of Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru on 23 June 1947 that in the event of a one-sided referendum, the NWFP ministry will resign and fight election afresh on the issue of Pakistan versus 'Free Pathanistan'. Despite problems created by the NWFP Congress government, the referendum was held and Pakistan won. The Afghan government, though, still continues to stake its claim on the territory. This explains the persistent pursuit of the agenda to change name of the NWFP to Pakhtunkhwah. The adoption of this name to Pakhtunkhwah (or Afghania) would be the first step to seek autonomy and then move on the road map to breakaway from Pakistan. The word 'Pakhtunkhwah' holds no bonafides as the province is multi-linguistic having a lot of non-Pukhtuns. The implication of that is writ on the wall. -BRIG. (Rtd) A. Q. ANJUM, Lahore, December 9.