Mian Nawaz Sharif took the right step to accept President Zardaris invitation for dinner to be held in honour of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao who would be arriving in the federal capital on December 17. One cannot fault the PML-N leaders reaction that China was a close friend and he could not possibly miss the function. Indeed, it would have been highly inappropriate for him to absent himself. Given the fact that Beijing has helped us in crucial sectors of economy, defence and nuclear energy, without any strings unlike other countries, and a number of projects are going on, it is only befitting that our relationship with it ought to be above party squabbles. It is heartening to know that Mr Wen would be accompanied by a large contingent of businessmen, who would be looking forward to investing in Pakistan at a time when a majority of foreign entrepreneurs are loathe to venture into the country with their money for various reasons. Some newspapers have, however, reported that over the phone call Mian Nawaz also gave Mr Zaradri the assurance that he would continue to work together with the government. That leads one to think that the noises over the RGST might come to naught when the crunch comes. The PML-N sources have categorically denied such speculations and made it clear that no discussion, except for the invitation to state dinner, took place. There is no point in indulging in kite-flying. Blowing the event out of its proportions would further confuse the people. We know that Mian Nawaz has been unequivocal in consistently opposing the RGST and there is little to doubt that the party would foil the move for its passage in Parliament. The idea is not that democracy should not be supported or that the PPP should be opposed merely for the sake of it, it is to pull up the government when it veers off the track. And given the conduct of the federal set-up in virtually every sphere of governance, it is satisfying to see the PML-N getting tough on it. The need for a check on government is all the more essential because we have seen that hardly a day goes by when some corruption scandal does not make it to the headlines. In such circumstances, the PML-Ns policy of keeping the PPP on a tight leash makes sense. Indeed, giving the government really a tough time for its clumsy way of governance would strengthen democracy. This is a process that is meant to deliver and not perpetuate the hold of corrupt elements. The peoples problems should be the prime concern of the leadership of any democratic set-up.