KARACHI - Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd., the largest Shariah compliant asset management company in Pakistan, has achieved another milestone of having assets under management of over Rs. 25 billion. In 2003, when we launched our first open end fund Meezan Islamic Fund, total assets under management of Al Meezan were Rs.1 billion. Over next four years, we increased our AUM5 to Rs.10 billion. In the next three years, which has been a very turbulent period for capital markets in Pakistan, we have crossed Rs. 25b mark. It makes Al Meezan the largest asset management company in the private sector. said CE of Al Meezan Mohammad Shoaib, CFA. He added that every crisis brings with it an opportunity and management team of Al Meezan has fully capitalized on this opportunity. According to a Press release, Al Meezan is the only full fledged Shariah compliant asset management company in Pakistan, rated 'AM2 by JCR-VIS. It has been in operation since May 1995, and has developed an enviable track record of managing a wide variety of funds including open end funds, closed end funds, and a pension fund. Al Meezan has complete range of investment solutions to meet the varying investment needs of the clients. It is managing Pakistans largest equity fund in private sector, the largest Shariah compliant income fund, the largest Shariah compliant money market fund, the largest Shariah compliant sovereign fund and the largest voluntary pension scheme in the country. In addition to healthy and competitive returns on their investments, the clients of Al Meezan have the added comfort of investing in an AMC with strong sponsors, credible Shariah advisors, professional fund managers, and a carefully selected Shariah compliant portfolio of investments.