LAHORE - Hearing the suo moto case on the torture on protesting teachers and students outside the Punjab Assembly building last week, Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry Monday called for the appearance of Secretary Education today (Tuesday). During the course of hearing last day, the court on learning from the police officer that torture on the students and teachers was carried out by the Assembly security personnel, the court asked for registering a case against the persons responsible for beating the students and the teachers. The police and the security persons on December 8 last resorted to worst kind of baton charge and tear gas outside the Punjab Assembly, when a session was on, on the teachers and students who were protesting the constitution of Board of Governors in 26 colleges of the province voicing their concern that they would act at whim to slash the number of teachers in colleges under the garb of downsizing and raise the college fees beyond the financial capacity of the students hence, it would disserve the cause of quality and education for all purpose. Dozens of students and the teachers sustained injuries while dozens others were taken into custody, who later were released. A report on behalf of the Punjab police was submitted in the court wherein it was explained that the protestors defying all security cautions and to a serious hazards to all present therein reached to a sensitive area in the Assembly where protests and demonstrations are prohibited. And the action was taken against them in defence and to avoid damage as well as to protect sanctity of the Punjab Assembly. For the Punjab Government, Additional Advocate General Muhammad Hanif Khatana informed the court teachers and the students had unfounded fear that by the BoGs structure of the educational institutions would be changed, or that teachers strength in the college would be downsized or education fees enhanced. He said nothing of that kind would come about as the BoGs aimed only at streamlining the education system to make the teachers put in their optimum to impart quality education to the students. When asked by the counsel for the professors association whether he could give an undertaking to this effect, the law officer sought time to take instructions from the government in this behalf. For the Lecturers and Teachers Association Punjab Asad Manzoor Butt said his association would not object to the BoG if what the law officer says, is ensured and guaranteed that structure and job security and the fees level would remain intact and undisturbed. The counsel referred to section 8 (A and B) of an education ordinance of 1966, contending governing system of the educational institutions was lawful duty of the Government which could not be put on the BoG to let them act independently. The court attention was drawn to a photograph in which a policeman was shown brutally thrashing a professor lying down on ground and bleeding. On it, it directed the police officer, DIG Rao Sardar to register the case against the officers responsible for baton charge. The court also allowed the owner of the private bus, burnt by students, to be party in the suo motu proceedings as the Pandora Box opened by allegations and counter allegations from both sides, Govt and professors association. The LHC CJ also summoned all stockholders in the court today (Tuesday). The court directed Prof Zahid to submit written today (Tuesday) as to why the teachers took students to Punjab assembly where they ransacked public and private property.