ISLAMABAD - Apart from rendering thousands of daily wage workers unemployed, the ongoing gas shortage in the country has made the exporters unable to export their products in time. President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mahfooz Elahi stated this in a meeting on Monday. He further said, Due to poor planning of the Government, the recent gas crisis has created enormous problems for the exporters and also for the thousands of daily wages workers. The industries of steel, soap and chemicals, textiles were facing great problems, the exporters were unable to export their products timely and the buyers losing confidence in the Pakistani exporters, he added. Gas prices in the last couple of years had been raised by 73 per cent, as a result industries were becoming uncompetitive in the international market and stoppage of gas had further increased problems of the industrialists and a large number of people, whose livelihood was associated with the industries, he observed. Mahfooz Elahi said that during 2008-09 the shortfall was 203 MMCFD while it would further increase in the coming years, therefore he stressed the Government for taking the right decisions to bridge the gap between supply and demand. He further said that the shortage of gas and electricity in the country was on the rise that resulted in increase in number of more sick industries, whereas, Pakistan badly needed investment to run the wheel of the economy. He emphasised that the Government should take measures for the supply of gas in consultation with industrialists to avoid developing law and order situation.