LAHORE - The rulers at the Centre and provinces have agreed on the levy of the RGST under US pressure, as all of them are in the run to prove their obedience to Washington, claims JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan. He expressed these views while talking to media at Mansoora on Monday after addressing a workshop of the JI. Syed Munawar remarked the 'Friendly Oppositions announcement against the RGST was only to 'befool the masses otherwise it should adopt a resolution against it in the assemblies. He claimed the PPP and political parties part of friendly opposition were the two sides of the same coin, one was availing his term in office, while the other was in the waiting. JI chief said the federal government could not enforce the RGST without provincial governments support. He was sure that the government wont be able to enforce the oppressive tax due to the public opposition. Syed Munawar said that in 2008, the rulers had assured the IMF about the enforcement of the Value Added Tax but it could not be levied because of the nations unity against it. He said that the JI would obstruct the levy of the RGST with the public support. JI chief welcoming the unity of all religious forces on the issue of Blasphemy law advised the rulers to abandon the idea to amend the law to please Washington. Accusing the Punjab Government of destroying the education system, he said that the privatization of educational institutions was a conspiracy to close the door of education to the poor and middle class youth. He said the government had failed to stop college teachers and students protest against its policies despite worst police torture on them. Syed Munawar said a new regional bloc comprising China, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan should be formed to foil the US designs for the enforcement of New World Order.