HOLIDAYS could be going up in the world, literally. By 2030, families could be boarding giant airships that contain spacious apartments and hover above popular destinations. Like cruise ships in the sky, the 'zero-impact floating holiday resorts would have restaurants on board and could glean energy from the surrounding natural elements to power them from resort to resort. A special airship garden would even provide fresh fruit for the rooms. Thomson Holidays commissioned trend forecaster The Future Laboratory to produce the Sustainable Holiday Futures report, a detailed guide to how we might travel in 20 years time. Like Tom Hanks in hit film The Terminal, we could also soon be flying to the airport for a holiday. The report suggests that some of the worlds largest airports could become destinations in their own right with all the entertainment and accommodation of a small town available in one 'aeroville setting. And what might a hotel room in 2030 look like? Well, there would be innovative energy-saving features galore.DM Bathrooms would use water from the washbasin and the shower for flushing the toilet and high-tech windows would allow guests to block out the suns glare, reducing the need for both curtains and air conditioning. Lights would be powered by wind and solar energy and a heat-activated multi-touchscreen could be used to communicate with everything from energy use to resort activities open for discussion. Theres good news for those worried about their carbon footprint too. Second-generation bio-fuels created from algae and blended with jet fuel could be potent enough to power holiday jets without causing excessive harmful emissions. DM