ISLAMABAD - Dr Zar Quresh, a respectable scientist of NARC, has developed hybrid cottonseed that can save billions of dollars of the country, however it is a threat for the pesticides companies at the same time, as it doesnt require spray due to having defence system in it. The development of such a seed is good news but at the same time some govt officials who are on the payroll of pesticides companies and the companies themselves are annoyed on this important development. Dr Zar Quresh while talking to The Nation told that this seed, which he has developed, has the ability to fight against the germs and does not need any pesticide spray. He also told that the production of this cotton was also higher than the already existing seeds in the market. It is also pertinent to mention here that cotton crop needs spray many times otherwise it gets destroyed by the insects. Dr Zar also told that NARC had developed seed for almost 350,000 acres and now it was responsibility of the Government to use it properly. The very important thing about the said seed is that it can be cultivated in Pothohar region that was a miracle because this region is not known for the production of cotton. The scientists working with Dr Zar Quresh told that around 450,000 acres in the Pothohar region could be used to produce cotton by giving the seed to farmers. Effective marketing of the seed by the Government can save billions of dollar of national which are used to import cotton every year. Moreover this cotton can also be exported and foreign exchange could be earned, said Dr Zar. It is also pertinent to mention here that Pakistan Central Cotton Committee that spends million on research every year has not done anything in years. NARC under the supervision of its Chairman Dr Zafar Altaf and with the cooperation of Dr Zar has developed hybrid seed just in two years. It is worth mentioning that the government has signed an agreement with a company for the cottonseed that in the current scenario might not be needed if the Government utilises the work of Dr Zar properly.