BAGHDAD (AFP) - A bomb and suicide attack in Iraq killed six people on Monday, including four Shias and the wife and daughter of an anti-Qaeda fighter, police said. The four Shias were killed and 17 others wounded when a suicide bomber detonated explosives in the Diyala provincial town of Baladruz, 75 kilometres north of Baghdad, the police said. It came after a similar attack on Sunday in the nearby city of Baquba, also in Diyala, when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vest near an Ashura procession, killing three people. Each year, insurgents target Shias who descend on Iraq for the commemoration of Ashura, which marks the slaying of the revered Imam Hussein by the armies of Yazid in 680. Elsewhere on Monday, insurgents killed a woman and her daughter when they bombed the house of a member of Sahwa, the anti-Qaeda militia, in the town of Jurf al-Sakhr, 75 kilometres (47 miles) south of Baghdad. Separately, three people were wounded by a bomb in a northern district of Baghdad, said an interior ministry official.