The Wests penchant for accusing others of problems it had itself created has come in sharp focus once again since 9/11 when the scourge of terrorism, its epicentre and safe-havens, all began to be dumped on Pakistan, relating them to its government and peoples soft corner or even active support for it to flourish. Germanys Angela Merkel has joined Englands David Cameron and Frances Nicolas Sarkozy and all three in dutiful compliance with the wishes of the US to berate Pakistan on that account. They all feel pained at what happened in Mumbai, though they are neither bothered about the leads that show Hindu terrorist hand behind the incident, nor the atrocities that the Indians are perpetrating on the beleaguered Kashmiris who have lost over 80,000 of their kith and kin in the struggle for their legitimate rights. The role of the mastermind that they along with the US had played in bringing into being the terrorist menace stands whitewashed by the blitzkrieg of propaganda. Similarly, once the purpose of frustrating the Soviet designs in Afghanistan had been accomplished, the US that had spearheaded the whole exercise of creating anti-Soviet religious squads simply withdrew from the scene, leaving the vicious fallout for Pakistan to handle. Religious fanaticism, issues relating to more than three million Afghan refugees disinclined to go back to their homeland, the drug mafia and the Kalashnikov culture all of this should not have been left to fester had the American leaders had the foresight to see that they, along with the raging civil war in Afghanistan, had the potential to emerge as a fire-spitting dragon. To Ms Merkel, the treatment of minorities in Germany, particularly the second largest, the Turkish, does not appear to be of much concern. Nor the countrys past when gangs like Baader-Meinhof were playing havoc has any place in her reckoning. But the game of putting the blame on Pakistan is motivated by considerations other than the reality on the ground. For one thing, her remark shows, unmistakably, Germanys readiness to go along with the policies that Washington chalks out to further its plans of global dominance. With the US dominating the world and providing cover for the exploitation of resource-rich, but underdeveloped nations, the allied imperialist thinking powers feel their concerns are well looked after. For another, the expanding Chinese influence is giving them sleepless nights. India, which for well over half a century sided with the Soviet Union while the US was arraigned against it, quickly shifted its loyalties and joined the Western camp overnight, has been selected to be pampered to take on Beijing should the Western interests are affected. Our leadership should, therefore, not be misled by verbal overtures of US friendship and seriously think of devising an alternative course of action. It should know that Pakistans future rests with China.