LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Labour and Manpower Ashraf Khan Sohna has said that the PPP Punjab had approached the party Co-Chairman for getting approval to step out of the coalition govt but the leadership rejected it. Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he alleged that Chief Minister Punjab has more confidence and trust in bureaucracy than the public representatives. Ashraf Sohna said that the PPP ministers didnt enjoy the support of the CM in the 'jehad against corruption. He said the corruption of Rs 30 million in the purchase of angiography machine for the Social Security hospital was regretful and such malpractices had also occurred in this sector in past. He said in the recent scam relating to Social Security Hospital, the corruption was done in the purchase of several items including cylinders, hangers and training of people abroad. He said that US$ 20,000 were spent on the training of two people who were trained in Japan, which could have been done free of cost in Pakistan. He added that a simple collar, which could have been bought for Rs 500 was purchased at Rs 15,000 and the total volume of corruption was equal to Rs 30 million. To a question, he said the claim of the Law Minister that PPP never raised the issue of corruption in cabinet meeting wasnt true as this fact could be proved from the meeting minutes. He said corruption wasnt the issue of merely PML-N or PPP as both must fight to root out this menace. He added that all the Ministers should make all out efforts to root out corruption in their respective departments.