RAJANPUR (Online) PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif Monday said the wrong policies adopted by the government were resulting in soaring inflation. He reiterated his stance that there was room for RGST until and unless corruption was uprooted from the country. In order to take the country out of the prevailing crisis, we all have to work together, he said. Talking to media and in his address to a gathering in Rajanpur, Nawaz stressed the need of collective action for a better Pakistan. China is our eternal friend and it will be a pleasure attending the dinner hosted by President Zardari in honour of the visiting Chinese prime minister, he said. He promised to develop the villages devastated by the recent floods, saying the poor should be given an opportunity to adopt an improved living standard. If every Pakistani was ready to scarify, the deprived people could have shelter, he remarked. Responding to a question about the WikiLeaks, he said, We should concentrate on the well-being of our people and take ownership of Pakistan. Priority should be given to national interest rather than the personal one, he opined. He said a huge chunk of national wealth was being wasted because of the improper policies, as the government was spending billions of rupees on only a handful of institutions. Nawaz further said it was possible to initiate 75 per cent of the work on the dams in the next five years, adding that many of them could have been developed during the 8-year tenure of Musharraf.