ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Monday, said the government was in full control of the internal situation and would not allow anybody to pursue the vested personal agendas or derail the country from the path of economic prosperity and sustained democracy. Addressing the participants of the National War College, here, at the National Defence University (NDU), Prime Minister Gilani said the government was fully aware of all the issues and was dealing with the situation prudently and effectively. He said it would be ensured that nothing stood between the realisation of the dreams of growth, progress and development of Pakistan and prosperity of its people. PM Gilani in his address on My Vision of Future Pakistan deliberated in length on the issues facing the country and the measures being taken by the government to tackle these. He said a long-term strategy was in place for building a modern, enlightened and progressive Pakistan that valued the spirit of inquiry, critical and independent thought and public duty. Pakistan is self-assured of its destined role to play according to the aspirations of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan, indeed, is on the road to progress and prosperity with a bright future ahead. Gilani said he had great pride and confidence in the people of Pakistan who had, time and again, proved that they were capable of overcoming the challenges successfully. Pakistan is arguably in an unprecedented era of transformation and has emerged as an important country particularly since 9/11. He said Pakistan because of its geo-strategic location, reservoir of human and natural resources, achievements and potential, could play a meaningful role in major global and regional policy initiatives. He said Pakistan had a turbulent but gradually stabilising economy; improving internal environment, unprecedented freedom of expression for media and active participation of civil society. Gilani said women were politically empowered and democratic culture was setting in gradually. I indeed see with optimism a very bright future for Pakistan and we should continue to remain on course by following the policies put in place with pragmatism and realism. We are living in a very exciting as well as dangerous times. These are the times of great challenges and great opportunities, and it is up to us, what we make of them, the Prime Minister opined. Gilani said extremism and terrorism were affecting Pakistan the most. Poverty, unemployment and poor social indicators stand in the way of progress and the challenges, today, are broader and more diverse than ever imagined. We need to build the capacity to meet these challenges in a befitting manner, he said. Gilani said the government was doing everything to improve governance and deliver on its promises to the people. He said major structural reforms had been undertaken including banking, capital market, labour, petroleum sector, industry and agriculture. He said the government believed in clean and transparent governance and accountability was being effectively implemented at the national level. Speaking on his future vision, Gilani said it lies in pursuing a policy of reconciliation and consensus. He said, I believe that Pakistans salvation lies in democracy. Our government has been successful because of our reconciliatory policy and democratic approach regarding all national issues. He said since assuming power, the government was pursuing a policy to improve governance, economy, law and order while trying to reduce poverty. The fundamental basis was deregulation and encouraging the private sector to play an active role in economic development. Despite all economic handicaps, the government is doing its best to attract FDI and facilitate private investment in the country. He said the inflationary trend witnessed in the recent past was now under check. Given the current inflationary trend, the average inflation was likely to be close to 10 to 12% in the future. Gilani said with an improved law and order situation, the future of Pakistans economy was bright. He pointed that growth in large scale manufacturing would ensure good performance of the sector. The buoyant activity in housing and construction, telecom sector, banking and finance and wholesale and retail trade will help achievement of the desired growth targets. Besides investment-friendly interest rate environment will encourage the private sector to play their leading role in achieving the growth target. Gilani said still a lot remained to be done and pointed that sound macroeconomic policies and their continuity, financial discipline, internal and regional stability would be the key factors affecting sustained growth and the countrys economic future. He said the future of Pakistan lay in creating gender equality environment in the country. He said the government had taken initiatives to improve gender equality and continues to advocate elimination of discrimination against women and children. The PM also mentioned the countrys friendly relations with China, active participation in the SAARC and OIC activities, its peaceful stance for resolution of all issues including of Jammu and Kashmir with India, and reorientation of foreign policy. The ceremony was attended by President NDU Gen Farooq Umer Agha and the participants of the NDU war course.