ISLAMABAD - Federal Housing and Works Minister Rehmat Ullah Kakar has said Pakistans housing industry is poised for huge investment opportunities led by a demand for over 8 million housing units from the countrys burgeoning population. We foresee greater foreign direct investment which has already picked up in the country, having contributed nearly 30 per cent to the overall investment recorded in the housing sector during the last five years, Kakar said this while holding a meeting with an Emaar Pakistan delegation, headed by Matt Cronje, Country General Manager, here on Monday. The Minister observed that the growth in foreign direct investment in Pakistan had been fuelled by pro-investment policies and the possibility of good returns and economic gains in the housing sector, which had been a major factor behind international players further expanding their operations in Pakistan. He added that boosting the housing sector will contribute significantly to economic stability and also help create new employment opportunities for the youth. He appreciated the investment of Emaar in the countrys housing sector and hoped it will set an example for more foreign investment in this industry.