LAHORE - The meetings of the Pakistan Hockey Federations Executive Board and Congress will be held on December 28 here at the National Hockey Stadium. President PHF Qasim Zia will chair the both meetings. The 18th meeting of PHF Executive Board will take place at 1030am. According to the agenda of meeting, Secretary PHF Asif Bajwa will produce the report of the year 2010. Meanwhile, the 46th PHF Congress meeting will take place at 1230pm. The representatives of the affiliated associations and departments of PHF will attend the meeting. According to the agenda of meeting Secretary PHF will produce the report of year 2010, house will approve the calendar of 2011, house will discuss the budget estimates for the year 2011, audited statement of accounts for the year 2009-10 will produce and the decision to appoint auditors will take in the meeting.