LAHORE - PML-Q Chief Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain while pledging that his party would take up the issue of injustice against the teachers and students in the Parliament and other forums claimed that Punjab Government is handing over the public schools and colleges to political favorites who would use the same for personal gains. He expressed these views while talking with the mediamen after meeting a delegation of Punjab Teachers and Students Joint Action Committee at his residence on Monday. He alleged that the rulers of Punjab had no respect for the teaching community, while the PML-Q would not let the provincial government to hand over the remaining educational institutions in public sector to their blue-eyed but his party would also make efforts to regain the possession of the handed over institutions. Chaudhary Shujaat pointed out that on the one hand the provincial government was bent upon handing over government owned educational institutions to its favorites while on the other hand there were 42 schools and colleges buildings which had been completed during Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahis term but had not been provided with the required staff so far. He offered the provincial government to remove Chaudhry Pervaizs plaques from these educational institutions if that was the only barrier in making these centres of learning functional. PML-Q chief called the handing over of government owned educational institutions to boards of governors as a tyrannical decision of the Punjab Government and claimed that principals and teachers of the stated institutions had not been at no stage during the preparation of this proposal. Mushahid Hussain Sayed, secretary general PML-Q who was also present on this occasion called the violence against teachers and students in Punjab as a cowardly act of the Punjab government. He alleged the PML-N leadership, which had assured loyalty to the United States and given protection to sugar thieves, had no qualms in using brute force against the educated sections of the province as part of its double standard politics. Earlier, the president Punjab Teachers and Students Joint Action Committee, Dr Zahid Ahmad Sheikh appreciated the steps taken by the Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahis government till 2007 for the promotion of education including provision of free books, ample scholarships for deserving students and declaring education free up to matriculation. He said if their demands were not met by December 31, the teachers and students would have no choice but to launch an agitation against the Shahbaz government. Dr Zahid Ahmad thanked the leadership of the PML-Q for supporting the just demands of the teachers and students of Punjab.