According to ‘Gilani Research Foundation’ survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, notes that 65 percent in Pakistan are fearful and apprehensive about insurgency in Balochistan. Recent surge of violence in Balochistan and tribal areas indicates that the year 2013 may be tougher than the previous one. There is immense pressure on our security forces. They are being killed ruthlessly by paid militants in Balochistan and the tribal areas. More than 4,000 soldiers lost their lives and over 7,000 have been injured so far in the last ten years. Causality rate of the security forces in Balochistan is also mounting. Without any doubt there is involvement of foreign powers in both these areas.

The fact of the matter is that owning to its geo-strategic and geo-economic significance, the US think tanks and CIA in collaboration with RAW and Mossad have been covertly planning the future of Balochistan for the last many years. There is also failure from our side, we have failed to settle this issue politically and relied heavily on security forces. Army, FC or intelligence agencies can never resolve this issue, these are law enforcement agencies, they can only try to ensure security situation but responsibility of political stability in Balochistan lies in the hands of the politicians.


Rawalpindi, December 5.