Since our media gained its independence it has been focusing more on sensationalizing the news then looking at core issues and educating our audience. I know that it takes time for any organization to gain maturity but some have more responsibility then others. It is amazing when you watch foreign channels that they are more focused on the truth, ethics and morality, then we as Muslims are. Our vision is caught more by sensational news, conflicts between the institutions, crime, rape, lawlessness, terrorism and other negativity of the sorts rather than the good deeds and achievements of the people which are either not reflected or not given due importance.

For example; there was no mention of the three students from Lahore who returned victorious from Delhi, after winning all the prizes in an English Debate competition.  Similarly, though sad yet a very important event from the angle of national cohesion was ignored by media. On Muharram 7 about 47 people lost their lives in a bomb explosion at Dhok Syddaan, Rawalpindi. Media reported the bomb explosion but not what happened afterwards, most of the dead were taken to the surrounding villages for burial, a joint mass funeral prayer was held for remaining 17 at the site of the explosion at Dhok Syddaan. Among these 17 martyrs there were Shias and Sunnis and the relatives of all these deceased unanimously agreed to hold a single joint prayer for their loved ones led by a single imam. What a momentous and significant occasion it was, where rows after rows of Sunnis and Shias offered prayers standing shoulder to shoulder, some with folded arms and others with open arms! What a wonderful sight it presented, depicting national unity and sectarian harmony that our media missed to highlight. It would have certainly sent a strong message to our adversaries that nothing can divide us, not even bomb blasts, as a nation.


Rawalpindi, December 4.