WWF-Pakistan will be commencing a sailing expedition dedicated to the marine life from Dubai to Karachi between December 13 and 25. The purpose of this project is to highlight the unique marine life in Pakistan and create awareness in order to preserve the species from endangerment. A list of rare and fascinating species live in the waters of the country including dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles among other creatures. The expedition will be focusing on the marine ecology of the region while recording sightings of significant marine wildlife. President of WWF-Pakistan, Khalid Mahmood, will be directing the entire activity with the help of French and Italian sailors.

The expedition holds great value for several reasons: marine life in Pakistan is under-appreciated and often neglected which leads to the mal-treatment of living beings. Furthermore, these creatures require the extensive care and protection of ecologists so they can be saved from the dangerous elements in the environment that surrounds them. WWF-Pakistan’s interest in the wildlife of Pakistan has been productive in the past as well: Last year, fishermen working in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan spotted at least 4,000 – 5,000 spinner dolphins near Gunz, Balochistan. In addition to WWF-Pakistan, WWF-Environment and Wildlife Society, UAE and Oman Whale and Dolphin Research Group (OWDRG) have also contributed to the research of marine life in Pakistan.

Along with sharks and dolphins, other marine creatures will also be part of this expedition; predatory species of osprey, common kingfisher, fishing cat and leopard cats found in the south of Pakistan. This study will help in studying the distribution, movement, breeding and feeding of the whales in the waters of Pakistan. Steps in order to enhance the life quality of these creatures will also be followed. The richness of Pakistan’s fauna deserves the attention and investment of WWF-Pakistan as well as other international animal studies groups. We need some news that celebrates the diversity and richness of the natural beauty of Pakistan, and bon voyage to the WWF expedition heading out to find us some on the high seas.