The Karachi Board of Education has several forms for downloading but intriguingly the form for improvement of marks or grade is not available on the website to the chagrin of the students desiring to improve their marks. This is the form which is utilized on a large scale by students and there is a great demand for it; the hard copies are sold daily in hundreds.

I visited the Intermediate Board Office in Nazimabad the other day to obtain the ‘Improvement Form’. There I was told that I would have to buy a set of four forms as, according to the clerk, the Improvement Form was not available separately. Several students argued and protested being forced to buy something they did not require but all arguments and fell on deaf ears. The clerk brazenly remained adamant and the students had to give in. All the students were made to buy the four forms at a price of Rs 40 each though the printed price on each form is Rs. 35. Thus each student had to pay extra. The concerned officials are requested to kindly look into the matter and put an end to this coercion and blatant fleecing.


Karachi, December 10.