ISLAMABAD -  In a bid to facilitate the motorists in foggy areas at motorways and highways the National Highway and Motorway Police have taken numerous safety measures to make safe travelling for the road users to avoid accidents.

"Special Fog Information Centres have been set up and LED screens are being installed on all toll plazas and start of foggy area to provide instant information regarding fog to road users," Inspector General of Highways and Motorways Police Zulfiqar Cheema said on Friday while addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

These Information Centres would start working from 16th December. The IGP said that Heavy Vehicles (HTV) and Public Transport Vehicles (PSV) would not be allowed to enter on the motorways and highways without having fog lights on the tail and head of the vehicles, as these are the cause of accidents. He said that weather conditions on highways and motorways will be conveyed to general public through print & electronic media. He informed that, to avoid accidents during the heavy fog, motorways (M1, M2, and M3) may be closed but the closure would be made for minimum interval and time to time information would be conveyed immediately through media.

However, in case of closure of any section of motorway, already travelling road users would be sent out through conveys at their destination points. The numbers of patrolling vehicles have been increased in foggy areas to provided instant help, he added. He said that special security measures on motorways and highways have been taken for the safe travelling of road users in foggy areas, as these situations criminals may b come active.