On December 10, 2013 Pakistan National Assembly was busy debating a routine resolution asking the US to stop drone strikes. However for the clerical staff it was business as usual, they had to file another resolution on drone strikes. As of now, no one remembers how many resolutions National Assembly and Senate have passed condemning the violation of country’s sovereignty by impending drones, but apparently, no one takes these routine resolutions seriously; on the other hand Pakistan’ opposition to drone strikes is being questioned.

When Pakistan is unable to apprehend the terrorists why are they asking US to stop the drone attacks. As the legislators were competing with each other to drum up opposition to drone strikes, ruling parties in KP province, PTI and JI, were harassing the truck drivers and even breaking into sealed containers.

Putting aside the threat of losing billions of dollars in aid from Coalition Fund due to actions of KP government, Pakistan needs to make a 180 turnaround in its appeasing policy towards religious extremists. Pakistan can’t ride two boats at the same time as it’s hurting itself beyond imagination. We all know noises against drone attacks are nothing but part of a propaganda war trying to disrupt the elimination of terrorists. It’s a blatant lie that drone are indiscriminately targeting the general public – if this is the case, then why no data is available on civilians killed by drones? Recent drone strike on a Hangu seminary proves the point where three commanders of Haqqani Network were taken out. Despite repeated requests KP government has failed to provide details of children killed in Hangu strike, obviously they can’t claim Taliban commanders as children!

It’s time for US, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other regional countries to work together to eliminate the threat looming over South Asia. One wonders what is the extent of chaos and bloodshed this region is going to witness after 2014. If as suspected, the Taliban, after taking over Kabul, will be heading towards Islamabad. It is time to worry as most of us remember the Afghan Taliban atrocities in the 90s and of Pakistani Taliban’ barbarism in Swat in 2008.


Saudi Arab, December 11.