LAHORE - Hinting at danger to his life, MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said that British authorities can confiscate his passport and the Scotland Yard can even kill him but he is not afraid of anyone but Allah Almighty.

British authorities and their police were pressing him for no reason, Altaf said on Friday while addressing the appreciation ceremony held in connection with his new book Falsafa-i-Mohabat (Philosophy of Love) through telephone from London.

MQM chief said, “I never bowed down before the Pakistani establishment and ISI then how can I give in to the pressures of international powers or British establishment… I am not a product of military establishment and the ISI, though they tried to bribe me at several occasions. The only ‘mistake’ I always committed is that I have been opposing the forces of status quo.”

He said some living members of the intelligence community and army can testify that “I am the only politician who refused bribes from the Pakistani establishment”. Giving few names, he said, “Former ISI DG Lt-Gen (r) Hameed Gul, former IB DG Brigadier (r) Imtiaz and former army chief General (r) Aslam Beg can say without a shadow of doubt that Altaf never took a single penny from the establishment.”

Altaf alleged that all the politicians except him and his party men took funds from the establishment and he was always punished for resisting to political bribes, knowing well that such bribes are later used for blackmailing the politicians.”

MQM chief said, “I love my army and ISI, I can sacrifice my life for my country, and I will continue to render my selfless services for the motherland. But the establishment should avoid trying to bribe me or twist my arm for their vested interests.”

He said, “I wonder why some people are making efforts to stop the Nato supply and if they are wise and brave, they should shoot down the drones instead of blocking the supply of coalition forces.” The only panacea to save the country from all the major threats was “getting rid of the menace of sectarianism and all kind of prejudices”, he added.

Altaf said that people of Lahore would soon give him special place in their hearts as MQM was striving for the rights of the working classes and protecting them from the exploitation by the feudal and industrial classes. Prominent party leaders who attended the ceremony included Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, deputy convener, Wasay Jalil, central spokesman, Qamar Mansoor, Saif Yar Khan and Dr Ali Hussain.