LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Friday sought assistance of Attorney General and Advocate General Punjab on a petition moved by employees of district judiciary seeking “special judicial allowance” like the employees of the high court.

Abdul Malik and others filed the petition contending that the staff of subordinate judiciary in Punjab were performing the duties same to the members of LHC Establishment.  The counsel said petitioners were entitled to be dealt equally with staff members of LHC in accordance with the spirit of law as envisaged by Article 4 of the Constitution being the employees of the same province.

He pointed out that the special judicial allowance equal to three times of initial of substantive pay in addition to judicial allowance and utility allowance had been allowed to judges in district judiciary and also to the staff of LHC but the same had not been extended in favour of the petitioners working in subordinate judiciary of the Punjab.

The counsel also questioned the control of the government on the financial and administrative matters of the judiciary.

Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah observed that retaining financial and administrative affairs of the district judiciary by the provincial government was prima facie against the independence of the judiciary.

Issuing notices to the Attorney General and Advocate General, the judge asked them to assist the court on the matter. Next hearing will be held on Dec 27th.