President Mamnoon Hussain has emphasised on technological advancement to make progress in the fields of engineering‚ business‚ education and health.

He was speaking at the inaugural session of the fifth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies‚ organized by Institute of Business Administration in Karachi Saturday.

The President said technological progress is vital for advancement as every nation is in the race to get the latest technology for the benefit of its citizens.

The President said information technology plays a pivotal role in any development in terms of trade‚ commerce‚ defence and culture.

He said in the context of the present global village‚ it is imperative to foster understanding‚ peace and harmony among the nations of the world for a better and prosperous future.

Mamnoon Hussain also urged the participants to focus on the theme "using technology to create a better world"‚ and utilize their capabilities to make Pakistan a prosperous nation.

Delegates from United States of America‚ United Kingdom‚ Malaysia‚ Australia‚ Belgium and other countries are attending the conference.