Karachi - The launch of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan will see a vast increase in online forex and commodities trading as traders will have faster internet connection allowing them easier access to market news and trends; an extremely important tool for forex traders.

This was stated by Irfan Pardesi, CEO of ACM Gold & Forex Trading in statement.  

He said “The number of mobile phone users in Pakistan is huge and most people are utilizing advanced services for their personal and financial needs however there is a great need for apps related to forex and gold trading, similar to the developed countries, that facilitate traders and enhance their participation in the business,”.

“Trading in futures has also increased in Pakistan after more traders have become aware of commodity instruments and the ability to hedge their real assets through the use of futures contracts for longer term investments,” he added.

He said that traders will now have the opportunity to trade more easily and faster, and we are ready to assist all our clients with their online trading needs.

Irfan Perdesi said, we are committed to provide market leading services based on fair and transparent prices, accessible technology and exceptional back office support for online forex trading.