RAWALPINDI- Most of the graveyards in Rawalpindi have been turned into safe havens for drug addicts and drug peddlers, due to lack of attention by police and other concerned authorities.

Drug sellers are seen selling drugs, amid multitude of addicts particularly students with impunity in the grave yards located in Pir Wadhai, Shah Dian Tahlian, Eid gah grave yard, Dhok Elahi Bakhsh, Dhok Khabba, Kurri road, Jadeed Qabristan and other areas.

Drug selling continues from evening to morning and it picks up when college hours start, as students from private institutions come there flooding and fall victim to these anti social elements.

"My son was studying in a private institute here in a college. We were satisfied that one day he would return home with degree and lend support to his ageing parents. But this grave yard has been turned into grave yard of our future hopes, as our son fell to the hands of drug peddlers and he had been reduced to skeleton,” said an old man beckoning to a young boy sitting on the edge of a grave with puffing out heroin packed cigarette.

"I was passing through this grave yard in the early night hours but all of a sudden I was besieged by a group of outlaws most of them happened to be drug addicts. They robbed me and left penniless,” said Muhammad Aslam a citizen found sitting in miserable condition near a grave yard.

These grave yards may cause a major mishap in the form any terror related incident, if steps are not taken to cleanse them from criminals, drug addicts and drug peddlers, warned social circles and representatives of civil society.