Who needs enemies when you have foolish friends? Imran Khan, with thousands of followers and party workers, and the Sharif brothers with their dozens of advisers and government institutions, like Punjab police and FIA are damaging democracy and economy at large by committing one mistake after another and denying the fact, they are alienating whatever support they have. Look at what happened in Faisalabad, Imran Khan’s call of shutting down the city was openly challenged by the Punjab government and by workers of Muslim League-N, to make this call a failure Punjab government called thousand of police and the Government machinery, to stop people from protesting and shutting down the business activity by force which resulted in clashes between the Police and PTI workers, along with PML-N-league supporters. Clash between parties also caused the unfortunate death of a PTI worker and number of injuries on both sides.

The situation was very regrettable, as we elected PML-N to make a new and better Pakistan and what have they done till now? These so called politicians are the reason for poor law and order situation and the bad economy. We are playing in their hands, I don’t know who is behind these plans, are they the people in Central Executive Committee of PTI or Khan’s friends like Sheikh Rasheed the so called well wishers?

The Sharif brothers also have many such touts and both should recognise the elements around them who are the enemy and using Khan and Sharif’s for their personal agendas and unrest in the country. I am sure both leaders are sincerer but there political tactics are destabilising the country. The solution is in negotiations, please come to the table, talk and end this situation of uncertainty, don’t spread hatreds between the people otherwise things will get out of control.


Wah Cantt, December 8.