LAHORE - The government has decided not to resist the PTI shutdown protest in the City on Monday (tomorrow), however, it would not let the repetition of Faisalabad happening at any cost for which it would take every necessary measure.

Sources in the PML-N say that the Punjab government in consultation with Centre has decided not to check the PTI protest show in City, however, it will make no compromise on the law and order situation and law will strictly come into service if peace is disturbed or force is used to get the shops and business centres closed. Sources say an administrative committee comprising police and the district officers will monitor the situation and keep the chief minister abreast of the moment to moment developments.

Sources say that special instructions have also been passed to the PML-N legislators and the office-bearers to keep calm and avoid any clash with the PTI workers anywhere in the city particularly at the 18 points which the PTI has set for staging protest. Peace and order at those points will be maintained through the police and administrative officers.

Sources say in view of the Karachi peaceful protest of the PTI on December 12 it can be hopped that on December 15 no untoward incident will take place. Sources further say that no plan to launch crackdown on the PTI workers before the protest day is on the card but all necessary arrangements will be made to keep the situation under control.

MPA and parliamentary secretary for information Rana Muhammad Arshad while talking to The Nation said the government will give free hand to the PTI but it would not let this party create law and order problem or forcibly get the shops closed or stop the emergency vehicles on the roads. He said the party legislators have been assigned the duty to ensure that workers of the ruling party and opposition do not come face to face anywhere and also to keep an eye on the miscreants and trouble creators. Rana sadly noted that Imran Khan while protesting in Karachi had voiced for choking the whole city of Lahore and added, if PTI would use force to achieve that goal, the authorities would not let it do so.