What the reasoning or the objective of the plant was, appears to have baffled all. Splashed yesterday in an English language daily was a headline about nefarious designs hatched in India by RAW to attack itself and blame Pakistan for the terrorism. I was planning to quote the ridiculous headline and the even more ridiculous ‘story’ here, but when I looked it up just now, it had vanished from the newspaper’s web version.

Hence I write only from my (very) imperfect memory. The essence of the story was that India being uneasy with improving relations between Pakistan and itself as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan, has ‘nefariously’ decided to sabotage all this goodness by attacking itself gruesomely only to be able to blame Pakistan with terrorism i.e., cutting its own nose to spite its neighbour. Neither did the story have a byline, nor any sources quoted. It was akin to the conspiracy theorist rants that emanate from the likes of the less subtle laal topi type of front men of the angels. However, this time it was spouted by a so called ‘seasoned’ journalist.

The story was such a gobsmacking attempt at the most crass kind of propaganda, it left most analysts reeling, each coming up with his or her own explanation of what got into the angels this time. Indian reaction, by and large, focused on plausible deniability after perpetration of a planned attack by Pakistan. Pakistani analysts on Twitter were adrift, each expounding a different theory for the planted story. Personally, I could not make any sense of it except that it was a royal buggering of the news group to show how well in control the angels were of it.

All said and done, it does not auger well that the angels still think they can control the minds of the public with such ostensibly incredible stories. Whether they are actually planning an attack on India with pre-disclaimed preparation, or just creating more of the same old anti-India sentiment to continue to sustain the fodder for future conflicts, is anybody’s guess. But bizarre it was. And so bizarre and consequently remarked upon was it, that it got pulled last night. Let’s hope this attempt at the next buffoonery rests in peace.

On a very different but no less important issue of Imran Khan and his continuing tantrum, where he is wont to visit different cities and throw out all the toys from his pram, one is now faced with his ShutDownToBuildUp to hit Lahore on the 15h of December. We did see how the gentleman succeeded in Faisalabad, his minions grinning at the ‘body’ they earned with their efforts, and with the stupidity of the N-League’s propensity to try and use force (even when in the right). And then we saw how miserably the gentleman failed in Karachi, where the PPP and the MQM were in control and refused to use force. Many claim all was not what it seemed, that both these parties wanted to show both the PMLN and the PTI down. So they facilitated and supported the ‘shutdown’ to an extent, to the extent of not trying to prevent it – but did not support it actively either. This was to be able to take pot-shots at both parties. Clever indeed. However, PMLN seems to have learnt a lesson, if my information is correct. It plans to let the PTI loose, to allow it to do what it can; to leave the public to its own devices, to give enough rope to PTI to hang itself in Lahore; to allow the public to suffer at the hands of the PTI and for the PTI to suffer the consequences. Going by recent history, it’s the only sensible strategy.

Think about it: the N-League is in a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t position: try to protect the public from the PTI goons, and they’re doomed. Leave the public to face the music, and they are doomed. In the context of recent political events, the latter seems to be the better choice. So Lahoris must be prepared to deal with the PTI on their own.

Having said that, one must mention a troubling aspect of the PTI’s ‘right to peaceful protest’. First, PTI has demonstrated its ‘protests’ are anything but peaceful. Second, and very importantly, why does this ‘democratic party’ forget everyone else’s rights? What about my right to free movement, to association, to education, to health? On the 15th of December, my son is to take an exam. I will be taking him to school. Does PTI have the right to curtail my child’s right to be in school and to take his exam? Whatever its grievances, why does not the PTI impede the government (its ostensible target) and not my son? Or is the government not its target?

Whatever the case maybe, I shall be on the road (and many others like me), and I shall deal with the PTI with my bare hands should it try to stop my son’s education. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

The writer is a human rights worker and freelance columnist. She can be contacted at gulnbukhari@gmail.com. Follow her on Twitter