NEW DELHI- Hockey India president Narinder Batra on Sunday, reacted strongly to Pakistan's alleged misbehavior following their win over India, in the Champions Trophy semifinal on Saturday, saying that India will boycott all matches with Pakistan until appropriate action is taken.


Pakistan coach Shahnaz Shiekh, said that it was the fans that instigated the players. "The players will not apologize, the incident happened in the heat of the moment," Sheikh said on Sunday.


Batra also hit out at the International Hockey Federation for the lack of action. Indian captain Sardar Singh and high performance director Roelant Oltmans had condemned the way the Pakistan players' behaved after their win.


Sardar said, "They should not have celebrated in such a way. There were families inside the stadium and they shouldn't have taken off their shirts. Even after winning the match against Pakistan in the Asian Games, we didn't celebrate in this fashion."


"I didn't see too much of the Pakistan players but it was a bit too much," said Oltmans. The International Hockey Federation (FIH) said no action was needed against the misconduct of Pakistani players, during their celebrations after winning a nail-biting Champions Trophy semi-final against India on Saturday.

After comprehensively winning the game 4-3, Pakistani players removed their shirts and started dancing in jubilation.

“Shahnaz Sheikh has apologized and assured me that such behavior will not occur again,” said a press statement by Wiert Doyer, tournament director of the Champions Trophy.

Initially, FIH had hinted of a possible action against the Pakistani team but matters were resolved after Sheikh’s apology. “I tender my apology for what happened after the game,” Sheikh had said before boycotting the post-match conference for what he termed the unprofessional coverage of the match end by Indian media.

Indian media focused match coverage entirely on Pakistani players raising unruly gestures after defeating their arch-rivals. The Pakistani players were allegedly reacting to cat-calls by the Indian spectators who had come to watch the crucial game in large numbers.

Hockey India chief Narendra Batra was furious over FIH’s decision of not taking any action against misconduct of Pakistani players.

“We have decided we will not going to host any bilateral series with Pakistan until we get an unconditional apology for Pakistani federation on behavior of their athletes,” Batra said.

“I wanted to congratulate Pakistan on their victory yesterday, but the way the post-match celebrations went it’s totally not acceptable to us,” the Indian hockey chief said while talking to Indian media. “We lodged a formal protest with the tournament director and I am really disappointed with the decision.”

Batra said that there was no provocation from the Indian crowd or media which could have prompted Pakistani players to resort to unruly gestures. “Pakistan players were seen showing middle fingers and this goes against all the norms of decency,” he said.

“If FIH thinks this is normal behavior then as Hockey India we have an executive board meeting going to discuss on this agenda today.

“In 2018 we have junior World Cup and senior men World Cup happening in India, along with other worldly grounds events. I want to surrender all those events because if this kind of behavior is normal in FIH protocol, it is totally not acceptable to us and in India this is not our culture, not our behavior,” the Indian hockey chief said.

Pakistan’s head coach Shahnaz Sheikh also reacted rapidly said that Pakistanis would not make any apology before Indian hockey federation. He clarified that the players were reacting upon the sorrowful attitude of the local crowd.