Islamabad - Stakeholders of horticulture industry, demanded that Government may be appointing some dedicated person for the post of CEO PHDEC on priority basis who have related back ground at least.

Despite publication of advertisement by the Ministry of Commerce for the appointment of the CEO PHDEC (Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company) in October 2013, no appointment couldn’t take place as yet.

Speaking on the ceremony by WCCI at Quetta, Director Harvest Tradings Ahmad Jawad said, from the last almost 5 years the incumbent CEO showed bleak performance. Till date all export contribution including conduct major events like Fruit logistica done by the private sector. The PHDEC role has more than the facilitator interim’s of lay down export strategy, create linkages, capacity building of the exporters and product development but unfortunately we never saw these types of initiatives. In spite of all; the organization employees also suffered due to not getting their salaries on time; he remarked. It is interesting to know that, PHDEC have been created due to the enormous potential of Pakistan’s horticulture products in the global market, where world horticulture market valued at $80 billion and yet Pakistan has very limited share in this. Regardless the mandate of this organization is to promote, regulate, co-ordinate and enhance the export of horticulture products for the economic well being of all the stake holders in the horticulture value chain; he added, on the other hand if we talk about the European markets only, Pakistani citrus has an insignificant 0.09pc share.

 In the sub-category of mandarins and clementines, Pakistan has a market share of 0.04pc only. As a table fruit, Pakistani Kinnow’s availability in the European market is irregular. But the fact of matter is European Union is one of the most attractive markets for Pakistani fruits and vegetables because of its size and the paying capacity of its consumers. Within the EU, Germany, United Kingdom,

Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands are major importers of fresh Pakistani fruits and vegetables.

Jawad further said, Pakistan horticulture sector have tremendous potential. We are one of the largest producers of dates, mangoes and kinnow, but our export volumes are negligible. The private sector & association have limited role for policy making. This is the responsibility of the policy makers that they draft and implement with the help of private sector. “I personally feel its high time PHDEC needs to be restructure and ministry of commerce must do fresh appointment for the post of CEO PHDEC, who must have the knowledge and abilities in order to run the horticulture sector effectively” he added.