According to a report, one day country wide shutdown, will costs Rs. 64 billion and knowing this, if any political leader paralyzing Pakistan completely for one day, his sincerity and patriotism should be questioned. At this stage, when Pakistan is facing countless challenge, the call for countrywide strike on December 18 in continuation of sit-ins and protests by PTI is not a mature decision. PML-N government and PTI both want to resolve the issue of election rigging 2013 and bring in new reforms in Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). In this regard, the appointment of non-partisan Justice Sardar Raza Khan as CEC is a good gesture. PTI should take the opportunity of bringing reforms in Election Commission in collaboration with other political parties instead of collapsing the whole system. PTI leaders should review its decision of shutting down Pakistan in national interest and the government should also show flexibility in their political attitude to find a political solution. It is a fact that all conflicts end in negotiations, sooner or later.


Lahore, December 10.