A 'low-intensity' blast has been reported targeting the Chinese engineer, injuring two near the National Highway in Sukkur, Waqt News reported.

According to initial reports, at least two people have been injured in the blast and the engineer remained unhurt in the explosion.

According to the police statement, "Unknown accused attacked a Chinese engineer's vehicle near Rohri. Rescue teams moved [to the location]."

Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) Rohri Masood Mahar said, "Today at 3:45 pm, in the jurisdiction of Patni police station, when a Chinese engineer’s vehicles convoy along with a Ranger's escort were passing by near Qasim Ali petrol pump, a remote control bomb planted in a bicycle exploded."

The DSP also mentioned that a truck driver has been injured by the broken glass as the windscreen of the truck was shattered.

According to reports, 500 grammes of explosive material was used in the blast.

The police told media that the blast occurred along a roadside leading to three campsites set up for Chinese staffers working on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The low-intensity blast took place just moments after a Chinese woman had passed by along with security personnel, informed the police.

Meanwhile, Sindh Inspector General (IG) A.D. Khawaja has directed the SSP Sukkur to tighten security for Chinese, other foreign engineers and experts working on various development projects in the city.

He also said no leniency should be granted to officers found negligent while on duty.

Police and Rangers conducted a search operation in the area following the blast and arrested at least 20 suspects who have been taken to undisclosed locations, a police official said.