LAHORE -  Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana has said that the People of Pakistan expect good governance and effective service delivery for redressal of their problems.  “A democracy cannot deliver without good governance, fair-play, transparency and accountability”, he observed while addressing to the participants of 105th National Management Course organized by the National School of Public Policy at Governor House, Lahore, here yesterday.

 The governor viewed that good governance also involved mechanism, processes and institutions, through which citizens and groups would articulate their interests and exercise their legal rights. He called for concerted efforts to build a stronger democracy which he thought was the only formidable defence against the internal and external challenges facing the country.

Highlighting the role of bureaucracy to resolve people’s problems, the governor said that an able civil servant could foresee the issues by incisive foresight and a thorough analysis of the environment he might be confronted with.

The governor further stated that public good should be the ultimate goal of the

public policy and the performance of a civil servant should be judged on the basis of service delivery. 

“You should always be guided by the peoples' will as determined by the representative government”, he said, adding that public managers must strive to efficiently realize the mandated vision, goals and objectives of their organizations within the national context. “The political process, however, should be allowed to determine what was worth pursuing with public resources as no other procedure was consistent with the principles of democracy”, he affirmed.

Earlier, Rector, National School of Public Policy Ms. Arifa Sabohi

highlighted the significance and objectives of the course.