KARACHI - Shareholders of the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL) said on Tuesday operations of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) were being expanded, as flights were being started to new destinations, and efforts were being made to improve the service standard of the PIA.

This was said at a statutory meeting of the PIACL here. The meeting was presided over by Ghiasuddin Ahmed, member of the PIACL Board of Directors, and attended by airline’s shareholders.

Acting PIA Chief Executive Officer Bernd Hildenbrand and other senior officials of the airline were also present at the meeting. The meeting commenced with special prayers for those who lost their lives in the tragic plane crash of December 7.

Shareholders were informed about PIACL’s performance during the last one year and airline's regularity, which was now more than 95 percent, and punctuality, which was now at around 85 percent, PIA Premier, new routes and destinations and efforts being made for improvement of service standards. The shareholders were informed that Form-25 (Statutory Report) had already been sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as well as shareholders.

Separately, relatives of the people who were killed in the Dec 7 plane crash have been asked to email any information about victim’s dental treatment, dental X-rays and colour of their clothes or jewellery/ornaments to erc@piac.aero to assist the team of doctors working on identification of the bodies. This process of forensic deontology is being carried out side by side the DNA testing and can help in early identification of the bodies.