ISLAMABAD: Sheng-hua Li, President of China’s Gansu provincial hospital has said that Pakistan and China have excellent relations at state and people to people level.

He expressed these views along other member of the delegation Yang Yanyou, Zao Jirang, Maxinhua and Way Haidong all from Gansu province.

Sheng-hua Li said that Chinese herbal and traditional medicines have specialty while treating of allergy, flue and other disease.  

He said that the people of Pakistan responded with love and care. He elaborated purpose of China’s delegation visit to Pakistan and said that:” we want to introduce China’s traditional medicine, which are more than 5,000 years old” he said.

He said that before the introduction of English medicines into china, China’s herbal and other traditional medicines were used by western world. He said that still almost 80 percent of elder population of China relies on these traditional medicines.

Delegation also provided free of cost consultation in China Acupuncture Center in F-10 sector today.