Islamabad - The Ambassador State of Palestine in Pakistan, Walid Abu Ali yesterday said that strong and peaceful Pakistan can play its key role to resolve Palestine and Kashmir issues.

The ambassador in his visit to National University of Modern Languages (NUML) said in a seminar that lack of leadership is the reason of the current situation of the Muslim countries.

“If Pakistan backed by the rich Islamic states then Kashmir and Palestine issues can be resolved in days,” he said.

The ambassador in his lecture on “Palestine: History, Culture & International Perspective” arranged by the department of international relations also stated that Muslim countries are not united and every country has its own priorities.

Referring to Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), he said that this OIC has become a joke, in 2014 Israel launched missile attack on Gaza and it took five days to OIC to condemn the attack.

“European Union (EU) has no similarity hence they are united and we Muslims have one Allah, one Muhammad (PBUH) and one book (Quran), but we are against each other and this is the Zionist agenda to keep us apart,” said the Ambassador Walid Abu Ali.

Replying to a query, the ambassador said, Israel has resources, strong lobbying and control over world media that’s why Palestinian are suffering but if Ummah is united then Palestine and Kashmir issues can be resolved.

He further said that Israel has fear of Pakistan and tried to destroy Pakistan by creating unrest in the country but Pakistan’s strong military has succeeded to overcome the issue.

The ambassador condemned the brutality in Indian occupied Kashmir by Indian Army and said that same is the happening in Palestine, as Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu and Modi are best friends. Number of students and academic staff attended the lecture of the Palestinian Ambassador.